degrade [dē grād′, digrād′]
degraded, degrading [ME degraden < OFr degrader < LL degradare, to reduce in rank < L de-, down + gradus: see DE- & GRADE]
1. to lower in rank or status, as in punishing; demote
2. to lower or corrupt in quality, moral character, or value; debase
3. to bring into dishonor or contempt
4. Chem. to convert (an organic compound) into a simpler compound by removal of one or more parts of the molecule; decompose
5. Geol. to lower (a land surface) by erosion
1. Rare to sink to a lower grade or type
2. to be converted into a simpler compound or compounds; decompose
SYN.- DEGRADE literally means to lower in grade or rank, but it commonly implies a lowering or corrupting of moral character and self-respect; ABASE suggests a loss, often merely temporary and self-imposed, of dignity and respect [he abased himself before his employer ]; DEBASE implies a decline in value, quality, or character [a debased mind ]; to HUMBLE is to lower the pride or increase the humility, esp. of another, and, unqualified, suggests that such lowering is deserved [humbled by the frightening experience ]; to HUMILIATE is to humble or shame another painfully and in public [humiliated by their laughter ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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